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  • "Build your career in Motorsport"
  • "Build your career in Motorsport"

Find Motorsport and Car Related University Courses and Internships

Motorsport Engineering BEng (Hons) - University of Central Lancashire

This course is a ideal entry point for students into the world of motorsport. The course is designed for students who want to become professionals in the engineering world. There is a strong focus on building a Formula Student race car and competing against other similar teams, building similar cars.

Motorsport Engineering BEng (Hons) - Coventry University

The aim of this course is to turn students into Graduate Motorsport Engineers. This course benefits from links with some of the most important companies in the motorsport world such as Red Bull Racing and Lotus Cars. The facilities in the University are something they have invested heavily in. They include a new wind tunnel and engine test cell. The course is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Motorsport Engineering FdEng - University of Derby

The Motorsport Engineering course at the University of Derby is proud of it's connections with the motorsport industry and their fully equipped workshop with variety of real vehicles to learn with. The course has a high satisfaction rate amongst students completing the course.

Motorsport Engineering BEng - Brunel University London

This course aims to give students a solid grounding in mechanical engineering first and foremost, but at the same time specialise in motorsport engineering. The course aims to equip students to become future leaders in the motorsport industry and they can further their academic studies with an MEng. The course prides itself in offering both theoretical and hands on approaches to teaching.

Internships in the Motoring Industry

Internships are one of the best ways for students to gain experience in the world of cars or motorsport. Some of the largest and most prominent companies in the field offer internships which enable students to gain experience, which can be essential for further career prospects.

Varooma Internship

Varooma offer internships in the marketing side of their business. Interns are able to learn about the various aspects of marketing to people looking for loans against their cars. For more information about this visit Varooma.

Red Bull Racing - F1 Internship

Red Bull Racing takes on 5 interns per year at it's HQ in Milton Keynes. Over July and August they are able to work in the various departments, which include IT, Procurement, Electronics, Marketing and Aerodynamics. For more information visit their website.

Aston Martin Internship

One of the most famous car brands in the world Aston Martin, offers internships for those looking to gain some experience and understand what it's like working for a well known manufacturer. Aston Martin offer various internships, from 3 month summer internships to six or twelve month placements. For more information on the requirements to apply, visit the Aston Martin website.